Teeth Whitening

New York Professional Tooth Whitening

At our New York office, we offer teeth whitening solutions to give you a sparkling, bright, white smile. We use professional tooth whitening products and procedures to rid your teeth of stains and yellowing. And with Supersmile tooth whitening products developed by Dr. Smigel himself, you can maintain your white smile to keep the look you had the day you walked out of our New York office from your professional tooth whitening appointment!

In-office Professional Tooth Whitening

If you are in New York and are looking for professional tooth whitening treatment, our staff can help. We have in-office teeth whitening systems that require only one visit to achieve truly dazzling teeth whitening results. When you leave our New York office after your teeth whitening system, you’ll look as if you have a brand new smile. Years of stains and discoloring are almost instantly removed to reveal the bright, beautiful smile you were meant to show off! You’ll want to smile at every opportunity! 🙂

The professional tooth whitening system used at our New York office uses a photo-sensitive whitening gel that is applied to your teeth. When the tooth whitening gel is exposed to the light that is designed specifically for our tooth whitening gel, deep stains and discoloring are bleached away. Our tooth whitening system is perfectly safe and will yield beautiful teeth whitening results in about one hour. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for professional tooth whitening in New York, contact us today!

Take Home Teeth Whitening

If you prefer to whiten your teeth gradually, over the course of a couple weeks, our New York office offers teeth whitening systems that you can take home. Our take home tooth whitening kits use custom trays that fit over your top and bottom teeth. In the evenings, a special tooth whitening gel is applied to the trays and they are worn over night. This tooth whitening method is convenient, gradual and effective. It is a good option for those who want to regulate their teeth whitening over a couple weeks. The take home tooth whitening systems available at our New York office can whiten teeth dramatically and are as safe to use as our in office professional tooth whitening method. If you would like to schedule an appointment at our New York office for a tooth whitening consultation, contact us today!

Teeth Whitening FAQ’s

“My old fillings in the front have turned dark, can they be bleached?”
Unfortunately, dental bondings and composite resin fillings cannot be bleached. Polishing may help but if not, you can have the surface of the fittings redone. A better choice may be to replace them with porcelain laminate/veneers for longer lasting results. Remember; only replace these fillings after bleaching or BriteSmile whitening your teeth in order to match the new improved color of your own natural tooth.

“How long does bleaching or laser teeth whitening really last?”
Each person is different. It depends on many factors including your diet, the original color of your teeth, and your personal habits like smoking, drinking red wine, etc. What’s most important is what you do for maintenance. Professional office visits are not enough. You must incorporate an effective maintenance regimen at home such as using Supersmile whitening toothpaste which is specifically designed to keep bleached teeth and laser whitened teeth at their “just-out-of-the-office” color. For more information, click to: supersmile. Remember one thing: no whitening toothpaste can remove deep, intrinsic stains. Only bleaching and laser whitening can do that. A whitening toothpaste like Supersmile is designed to non-abrasively remove surface stains like coffee, tea, tobacco and red wine, as well as remove plaque and bacteria.

“I have one dark tooth in the front. Will regular at-home bleaching make it lighter?”
External teeth whitening treatments may not help. Internal may be the solution if the tooth has had the nerve removed (root canal treatment). If not, consider dental bonding, porcelain veneers, or capping the tooth to mask the darkness.

“I smoked for years — can my teeth be whiter?”
Yes. A tooth whitening toothpaste like Supersmile removes stains caused by tobacco in three brushings or less. If the stains are deep or have become “intrinsic,” then professional bleaching or laser whitening may be your better solution. But remember this: the only way to keep your teeth white after bleaching is to use a tooth whitening toothpaste (like Supersmile), to maintain the whiteness, even if your continue to smoke.

If you have additional questions about teeth whitening at our New York dentistry facility, please contact us.