Meet Our New York Cosmetic Dentistry Team

The philosophy of our cosmetic dentistry practice in New York is a “multi-disciplinary” approach to dentistry. In a single visit, you have access to a world-renowned cosmetic dentist, a prosthodontist, a periodontist/implantologist, endodontist and two certified hygienists.

Beautiful, natural-looking teeth not only transform your smile but can also change the shape of your face, reduce ugly wrinkles, make lips fuller and create an overall younger appearance. To get such aesthetic results requires a combination of all the dental disciplines we make available to our patients. Our cosmetic dentistry team in New York provides one-stop resource for your total oral health!

As you browse our cosmetic dentistry website, you’ll find valuable tips, resources and solutions to many of your dental problems. You’ll also discover that because we use the latest aesthetic and cosmetic techniques available in dentistry today, you can achieve that glistening, glamorous smile you’ve always dreamed about in just one to three visits. A few of these breakthrough techniques include:

– Minimally invasive aesthetics with laminates / porcelain veneers, dental bondings and bonded-bridges.
– All types of crowns/bridges – all porcelain as well as porcelain fused to precious metals.
– Latest and most sophisticated dental implant techniques.
– Whitening to whiten the deepest, darkest stains within 1hour.
– A patented, tooth-whitening toothpaste keeps your teeth white and your breath fresh.
– A tooth-whitening accelerator.

You’ll get a special breed of dental care that blends our 40 years of know-how and personal attention to the highest level dentistry offers today.

Our fine team includes the following individuals:

b.GohariBijan Gohari, DMD
Dr. Gohari has been the resident prosthodontist in our office for the past 32 years  He received his post-graduate Certification for prosthodontics from New York University Dental school in 1979.  With over 40 years of clinical experience in prosthodontics, Dr. Gohari has held many teaching appointments at the New York University Dental School including: Clinical Assistant Professor of Prosthodontics and Modular Curriculum Director.

Dr. Marc E. Gordon, DMD
Dr. Gordon is our Periodontist with over 26 years of experience. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Tufts School of Dental Medicine. He received his post doctorate degree in Periodontics from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a recipient of the Pierre Fauchard Award and Phi Beta Kappa.  He is currently Chief of Periodontics at Monmouth Medical Center.

tara_pepeTara N. Pepe, R.D.H
Tara has been a hygienist in our office for the past 12 years. She has a degree in Biology and is a graduate from the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey. She has been a registered hygienist for 20 years.
If you would like to schedule an appointment at our New York cosmetic dentistry practice, or if you simply have more questions about our staff or procedures, contact us today.