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Q: “I smoked for years -- can my teeth be whiter?“

A: Yes. A whitening toothpaste like Supersmile (see: supersmile.com) removes stains caused by tobacco in three brushings or less. If the stains are deep or have become “Ainstrinsic,” then professional bleaching or laser whitening may be your better solution. But remember this: the only way to keep your teeth white after bleaching is to use a whitening toothpaste (like Supersmile), to maintain the whiteness, even if your continue to smoke.

Q: “What can I do about bad breath?“

A: Proper brushing and flossing normally reduces the bacteria that causes bad breath. The newest addition to effective oral hygiene has been tongue cleaning. Since research shows that 85% of bad breath can be controlled by removing bacteria that colonizes on the back of the tongue, it's a good idea to use a tongue cleaner at least once a day.

Q: “How often should I have my teeth cleaned?“

A: People accumulate plaque at different rates. Although most insurance plan coverage is for a twice a year schedule, it's sensible to get your teeth professionally cleaned as often as your dental health professional advises you, even if it's every 3 months.

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