Dental Implants

New York – Implant Dentistry with Dr. Smigel and Dr. Gohari

Dental implants are available at our New York practice as a permanent and durable alternative to dentures. Dental implants allow for natural speech, chewing and cleaning. Dental implants can also improve ones smile since they are created for each individual to improve the aesthetic and functional qualities of your smile.

If you opt to have dental implants, it will require multiple visits to our New York practice for our implant dentist to fit them. The first step of the implant dentistry procedure is to make sure you have enough bone in your jaw to effectively place the dental implants. This is done with an examination and a CT scan, which is an advanced form of x-ray. This lets our implant dentist know if there is sufficient bone in your jaw to fit the dental implants. Once it is determined by our implant dentist that you are a good candidate for implant dentistry, the procedure begins by cutting the gum tissue away to expose the jawbone.

Once the surrounding gum tissue is prepared, the dental implants are anchored to the jawbone. Our implant dentist will then suture the incisions and allow them to heal. It takes a few months (3-6) for the titanium dental implant anchors to fuse properly to the surrounding bone tissue. Once completely healed, your implant dentist will prepare the aesthetic dental implants for fitting.

The implant dentistry process is completed when your dentist fits the final aesthetic “teeth” onto the dental implant anchors. You now have a permanent, beautiful and natural looking smile that, with proper maintenance, can last as long as natural teeth!

If you are interested in learning more about implant dentistry, or would like to schedule an appointment for dental implants at our New York practice, contact our staff or implant dentist today!

Dental Implants FAQ’s

“How long do dental implants last?”
Dental implants are integrated with the surrounding bone in your jaw. They have a long-term potential and can last as long as natural teeth when properly taken care of.

“I’ve been told that I’ve lost some bone in my mouth, can I still have implants?”
You will need an evaluation and a CT-Scan which is a 3-dimensional type x-ray that accurately measures the amount of bone remaining to anchor the dental implants.