Dental Bonding

New York – Dental Tooth Bonding with Dr. Smigel

New York cosmetic dentist Dr. Smigel used dental bonding to amaze millions of viewers of “That’s Incredible” in the late seventies. He has used tooth bonding at his New York practice in the subsequent years to improve the smiles of countless patients.

Dental tooth bonding is a quick and painless way to fix cracks and chips in teeth. Tooth bonding is also an excellent way to re-shape teeth that are too small or out of alignment. The composite tooth bonding material can also be used to fill cavities in place of silver amalgam fillings. Dental bonding uses a composite material that is color matched to your natural teeth to fix imperfections and fill gaps. The dental tooth bonding process usually takes less than an hour and can be performed in one visit to our New York office.

Dental bonding is virtually pain free and is also beneficial in that is leaves as much of your natural tooth in tact as possible. Once a proper tooth bonding resin color is selected, the tooth is prepared for the dental bonding. This is done by “scuffing” the surface of the tooth and then adding a special liquid to give the dental tooth bonding resin a proper surface to adhere to. Once prepped, the dental bonding resin is applied and formed to the appropriate shape. A powerful light is used to harden the tooth bonding composite resin material. The tooth bonding is then polished and made to match your other teeth.

Almost instantly, dental tooth bonding at our New York dentistry practice can hide many types of imperfections! If you would like more information from our New York office about tooth bonding, contact us today!