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Not only has Dr. Smigel helped develop many of the cosmetic procedures used in dentistry today, but he was also the first to bring aesthetic dentistry to public attention. He is highly qualified to renovate your smile. Because of Dr. Smigel’s vast experience and reputation for excellence, patients come to his New York office from around the world to have their aesthetic procedures performed by a true professional.

We understand that many of our patients have busy lives and schedules. That’s why we’ve established a list of key steps to take before you come. By reviewing your potential candidacy for different procedures ahead of time, you can make the best decisions before you arrive. While most people are good candidates for aesthetic dentistry procedures, planning ahead can help you avoid pitfalls and prepare for a successful visit. If you are interested in having your smile perfected by Dr. Smigel, please follow the steps listed below before you come.

Contact Us

1. Please take the time to fill out our contact form at the bottom of this page. Doing so will help us begin to get to know you and your case. If you have already filled out this information, please follow the instructions below for photography submission. you can attach your photos with the form below.
2. Please send us photographs. Be sure to include close-up photos taken at the following angles:

– close up teeth with lips retracted
– full face mouth closed
– full face smiling
– profile mouth closed
– profile smiling

Please use a camera with a zoom lens in order to provide us with more accurate photographs.

3. We will be in touch soon to discuss your options!